Monday, 30 June 2014

Dice Tower Terrain.

Hey readers, mostly finished on a project I started a while ago and thought I would share. I bought a two pack of laser cut MDF dice towers for $17 and wanted to turn them into something I would like to actually see on a table. Looking around on Combat Company and found some textured plasticard. I picked up a couple of packs of Cobblestone and Roof Tiles.

Basic Dice Tower.


Using the disassembled external pieces as templates I cut matching pieces out of the plasticard.

Cobblestone walls.

To attach the walls I had to cut some pieces of my old square plastic rods (courtesy of Back 2 Base-ix) to fit into the corners created when fitting the MDF together. Using some wood glue to hold the pieces together I then glued the plastic rods onto the dice tower.

Note the two tiny pieces. They will be attached to the plasticard sheeting but don't actually attach to the tower itself.

The tiny piece is in the bottom left.

The plasticard is then glued directly on to these plastic rods. There will be a few gaps along the corners but these will be filled in with a little green stuff later.

The small piece will glue to the plasticard here for the front sheeting to attach to.

Like so.

Continue gluing the sheeting on and soon enough the dice tower will look like this. I already green-stuffed the seams.

Next, the roof. I cut two triangular roof sections and measured out how large I wanted the roof.

Again, using square pieces of plastic rod and a little green stuff I glued the roof section to the two triangular sections. I also used a small section of roof tile, bent at a right angle, to cap the roof seam. You'll also notice two pieces of plain plasticard glued behind the triangular sections. These will hold the roof section in place.

Now that the roof is assembled it should fit very nicely onto the dice tower.

Dice Tower without the roof.
Dice Tower with roof.

All that remains now is to get a few coats of paint onto it. Once it's been painted there will be more pics to follow. I hope you enjoyed the little tutorial I put together. Personally I really like the way it looks and I look forward to using it for my next Warmachine game. The second tower is not quite finished but is very close behind.

After looking at the tower I felt it was missing something so I went back and created a small entrance to the tower. I cut out 3 wall pieces, marked and cut out the door, using a figure to get the height correct. I saved the cut out section to make the door itself, scoring it to make it look like wooden planks. I then glued the wall sections together using square rods to brace the corners and cut and glued on a roof as I did to the main tower above. I used a small amount of green stuff to then attach the entrance to the main tower. I apologise for the lack of pictures of the construction process, I will endeavour to save some when I construct the second dice tower. I think the addition of an entrance finishes the look of the dice tower as a terrain piece.

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